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  • EntranceCenter for Polish Language and Culture (CPLC) at the Baku Slavic University (BSU) was opened on November 9th, 2006. The ceremonial cutting of ribbon was done by the Polish Senate Speaker, Mr. Bogdan Borusewicz who paid an official visit to Azerbaijan at that time.

    BSU was founded in 2000, on the basis of a former Pedagogical Institute. Almost 3,000 students attends this university. Polish language is taught at Faculty of Regional Studies and International Relations and at Faculty of Translation. Classes are led by a couple of Azerbaijani teachers and native speakers from Poland. There are about 10 young people each year who start learning our language at both of the faculties. And every year about 20 students graduate from BSU with a BA and a knowledge of Polish language and culture.Lecture room

    CPLC has two rooms on the top floor (4th) of the main BSU building at Suleyman Rustam street. The bigger one serves as a classroom and the smaller one as a library, reading room, internet club and classroom in one. The space was renovated and furnished thanks to the sponsors - Polish and Azerbaijani firms, Polish universities, NGO's, and private persons. Polish Embassy in Baku found the sponsors and coordinated the works.Reading room - book shelves

    Polish Embassy participates actively in the Center's life. Guests from Poland - VIP's and other interesting people - meet with students in CPLC's rooms. Many events, film shows and book presentations also take place there. Local Poles and Polish Community benefit from the library where they find classical and contemporary books, as well as CD's, DVD's and VHS's.

    Reading roomCPLC's director is Ms. Parvana Jafarova, Ms. Agnieszka Rączka and Mr. Maciej Rączka (native speakers) care for the Center from the Polish side.


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