• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland




    The Adam Mickiewicz Institute


    The Adam Mickiewicz Institute ( is a cultural institution which aims to popularize Polish culture around the world and cooperate on cultural projects with other countries.

    On the website of the Institute you can find issues on different aspects of the  Polish culture and information about promotion programs in Poland and abroad. 



    The web portal (, maintained by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as one of the Institute's statutory tasks, was designed and launched in 2001 as a multilingual system of information on Polish culture. The portal includes an encyclopaedic part and a cultural guide presenting current cultural events in Poland and abroad.


    International Cultural Centre in Cracow



    logoMCKThe International Cultural Centre in Cracow ( is a research, expert institution which is active in the areas of art exhibitions, promotion and publishing. In its many fields of interest it integrates art, history, culture and philosophical thought into the realities of politics and free market economy.






    Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


    Information service about Poland



     On the website you can find detailed information about Poland's history, culture, geography, economy and a tourist guide.




    Polish Radio External Service



    The Polish Radio External Service ( is a part of  the Poland's public radio network. The main aim of the broadcaster is to provide its audience with an objective and journalistically independent information about Polish politics, economic and cultural issues in seven languages (Polish, Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hebrew).

    Listen online:




    Chopin ( - portal dedicated to the Chopin Year celebrations (200th birth anniversary).

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