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  • 21 November 2017

    The film „Time to Die”, directed by Dorota Kędierzawska with outstanding performance of Danuta Szaflarska, was presented by the Embassy of Poland at the European Film Festival 2017.

    Film recounts a story of an elderly lady with the unique sense of humour, who is  living alone in an old wooden suburb villa.

    When her dreams about her son’s family moving in are shattered  she believes it was the time for her to die. Unexpectedly she changes her mind and acts, surprising both her family and neighbours.

    „Time to Die” is a nostalgic story about old age, passing of time, but first of all about staying true to principles and values , which should not give way to the pressure of new ruthless and greedy times.

    Greeting the audience Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Marek Całka stressed that the movie brings hope, showing the victory of good over evil.
    The audience filled the showroom up to the very last seat, and after watching the film expressed  their satisfaction with the round of applause.

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