• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland






    Date and place of birth :                   January 2, 1966, Warsaw

    Education:                                           Higher, The University of Warsaw, Master Degree in History (1991 r.)

    Knowledge of language:                   English, Russian



    Professional                                     Name of the institution:                                                  Position:


    1992 – 1993                                         Centre for Eastern Studies                                                     Chief specialist                                                                                                                            Warsaw

    1993 – 1996                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                    expert

                                                                   Office of Research Strategy                                                   senior expert

    1996 – 1998                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                    Minister Counsellor

                                                                   Department of urban studies                                               the head of department

                                                                   and planning

    1998 – 1999                                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                    Minister Counsellor

                                                                   Department of policy and

                                                                   strategic planning


    1999 – 2000                                        Embassy of the Republic of Poland                                    Counsellor/the head

                                                                   in  Budapest                                                                             of the political department


    2000 – 2003                                       Embassy of the Republic of Poland

                                                                   in Moscow                                                                                Counsellor


    2003 – 2005                                       Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                   Counsellor     

                                                                   Department of Strategy and

                                                                   Foreign Policy Planning                                                         I Counsellor


    2006 – 2006                                      Chancellery of the Prime Minister                                       Assistant Secretary of State

                                                                  of  Poland                                                                                                          


    2007 – 2010                                       Embassy of the Republic of Poland                                      Ambassador Extraordinary and        

                                                                  in Seoul                                                                                       Plenipotentiary of the Republic

                                                                                                                                                                        of Poland


    2010 – 2015                                       Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                                      Deputy Director

                                                                  Department of the East                              


    02.2015                                               Embassy of the Republic of Poland                                      Ambassador Extraordinary and                                  

                                                                  in Baku                                                                                       Plenipotentiary  of the Republic

                                                                                                                                                                       of Poland                               



    Marital Status:                                   married, one child


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