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    We offer a new opportunity whereby you can fill out an application for a visa, print it and then apply for a visa on the day of your choice or the first free date specified on the website.

    Link to register and complete questionnaires on the Internet:

    After entering the website, follow these steps:


    • choose the appropriate consulate and mark the date of the visa application submitting at the consulate;
    • complete an application form (maximum time for completion of the application is limited and is 60 minutes)
    • after completing, print the visa application
    • printed application along with other required documents must be submitted by you at the consulate in the selected date.



    Please be advised that the data points from 1 to 12 of the form must be consistent with the Latin transcription given in a foreign passport.


    Visa application at the consulate must be accompanied by other documents necessary to obtain a visa. Details of the required documents submitted with the application can be found on the website of the consulate. In the case of incomplete documents application will not be adopted.


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