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  • Slots available for submitting visa applications in our online registration system are released on 10th, 20th and 30th day of each month. However, when these dates fall on a non working day (weekend, Polish or Azerbaijan holidays) the next available slots are released on the last working day before the  non-working day.


    Please be advised that booking appointment at our online registration system is free of charge. Any entities who ask for remuneration for making appointment at the Polish Embassy in Baku do it illegally. If it happens, we strongly encourage you to report the fact to the Police.


    Note! Please read the information provided below before you start a registration

    Please be informed that there is an online visa appointment system in the Polish Embassy in Baku. In order to apply for visa you must register on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

    In order to register for an appointment at the Consulate in Baku you should:

    2. Read carefully the list of required documents depending on the purpose of your visit. Go into: and then in the field "country/institution" choose Azerbaijan/Baku;

    3. Select from the left hand side: "schengen visa - register form" or "national visa - register form” depending on what kind of visa you apply for. Note: time for filling in on line application form is 30 minutes. After that application can not be saved and appointment is annulled automatically.

    4. Enter the verification code;

    5. Select a date of appointment at the Consulate in order to submit the documents. It is not possible to make an appointment before the first available date indicated by the system;

    6. Fill in a visa application form in Polish, English or Russian;

    7. After completing the application form click Continue, and then Save. If any changes are needed click Correct. Note: after saving the application making any changes will not be possible.

    To proceed click Print.

    Note: clicking Print will not start printing the document! To proceed follow the instructions of your web browser. Depending on the browser, you will be able to open the application form on your browser or save it. The document may also be automatically downloaded and saved by your computer in the default folder.

    After printing out the application form, please sign it in the two designated fields on the last page.

    8. Along with other documents (see point 1) , the application must be submitted in person at the date fixed during online registration (the Polish Embassy in Baku,  Icheri Sheher, 2 Kichik Gala Str.).

    Processing time does not usually exceed 5 works days.

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